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Raviolo Chair

on Arad adopts an immediately recognizable style, largely dominated by curves, as prove his armchair Raviolo.
This amazing piece of furniture- sculpture possesses a perfect , aerial and very graphic line. Always with the desire to experience the skills and materials, Ron Arad uses plastic unconventionally to obtain an effect of lightness and incredible softness. This polyethylene single piece resembles a soft ribbon , whose sensuous curves draw a continuous line, as free in space. The big opening lightens the structure, offering a fun perspective game. The opening also serves as a handle to move the chair. The outer surface is decorated with stripes reminiscent the traces left by the waves on the sand … Very comfortable, the generous shapes of Raviolo Raviolo fit to your body. All this to relax in with design! Raviolo can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Dimensions: 77.00×69.50×56.50

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