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Indoor Seating

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  • Available range and dimensions (cm)
    Product Code Height Width Depth Seat Height
    Armchair 810R79 74 59 64 48

  • An armchair with two types of legs: wooden and swivel with function, executed out of TILT mechanism. This armchair with ots wooden legs reflects Scandinavian style. The swivel version suitable and stylish for public places or offices

    Width – 730
    Depth – 750
    Height – 880
    Seat Height – 420

  • The most striking detail you can see in this model is the piping in contrast to the colour. It is an unusual composition. The designers have created two versions of cushions: with and without buttons. We have also different feel for the Ville, it is uncommon end result.

    Width – 1020
    Depth – 930
    Height – 770
    Seat Height – 430

  • POLA has been designed for enthusiasts of traditional forms with a modern look. The classic origin of this sofa manifests itself through its gentle, rounded line and the quilting on the backrest. Its modern character is proved by its light shape and high legs. To produce an additional decorative effect, the sofa can come with buttons in a colour different from that of the sofa.

    Width – 770
    Depth – 960
    Height – 1020
    Seat Height – 450

  • Its round seat looks like a pouffe, but its ideally profiled backrest makes this piece of furniture perfectly suitable as a neat armchair. MOKKA is extremely comfortable and, at the same time, practical. With its small size, it’s easy to carry around and move from one place to another, and it’s also easy to produce different interior design arrangements. Once positioned in a place, it can dynamically change is position thanks to the use – in one of the available versions – of a swivel mechanism. Another available version is a MOKKA with slippers discreetly concealed under the seat.

    Width – 610
    Depth – 680
    Height – 760
    Seat Height – 420

  • Small. Chic. Elegant. Comfortable. Those adjectives say more about the Mini armchair than maxi sentences.

    Width – 650
    Depth – 810
    Height – 700
    Seat Height – 400

  • Perfect lines and lightness of style with an amply hight back

    Width – 680
    Depth – 800
    Height – 830
    Seat Height – 430

  • Simple cushion structure. The high resilient foam guarantees comfort and the smooth look of the seat and rear surface. A choice of comfort lux or standard cushions with stitching provides an individual and sensual touch.

  • A classic look never goes out of style. The perfect proportions with simple, but characteristically shaped armrests make Elsa a contender for the easychair Hall of Fame. A neckrest pillow provides comfort and the high, thin wooden legs add to the slender silhouette.

    Width – 830
    Depth – 910
    Height – 1030
    Seat Height – 440

  • A modern, elegant, and original sofa, Caprice is light on the eye but offers double the choice: two levels of comfort (standard or lux), two types of covers (fixed or loose), and two kinds of feet (wooden or metal).

    Width – 950
    Depth – 920
    Height – 850
    Seat Height – 460

  • We have a recipe for comfort. The ingredients are as follows: a thick and springy seat, a soft back cushion with decorative buttons, and a rounded backrest that seems to embrace you. This is ALMA – the quintessence of comfort. Each part of this armchair can be made of a different type of fabric. Depending on the design climate of your interior, the armchair can have a classic frame with legs or come with a metal swivel leg. ALMA – take the comfort home.

    Width – 710
    Depth – 740
    Height – 780
    Seat Height – 410

  • The unique backrest-thin, high, and with a characteristically rounded shape-distinguishes Alex from all other models. And while its good looks work in its favour, it is its exceptional comfort that makes us return to Alex. A broad seat cushion, a lumbar cushion and a cushioned headrest all ensure extraordinary comfort.

    Width – 790
    Depth – 930
    Height – 930
    Seat Height – 430

  • AGDA is designed by Kasper Meldgaar & Nikolaj Duve. The designers work for the ‘Say Who’ brand.
    It is a straight sofa with a soft shape and soul, perfect for any living room.

    Width – 1040
    Depth – 940
    Height – 840
    Seat Height – 480

  • An armchair you will fall in love with. The shape of the armchair and its features – or, to put it briefly, all the parts of this piece of furniture – have been designed with the user’s comfort in mind, with elements of the romantic style of gentleness and harmony. The armchair’s semi-circular armrests and gentle curves surrounding the backrest will give a nostalgic feel to the interior where WATSON will stand. WATSON – the beginning of a long-lasting friendship.

    Width – 890
    Depth – 880
    Height – 1020
    Seat Height – 450

  • TILDE timeless design and model dimensions guarantee this piece of furniture will look perfect both within the space of your home and in public places.

    Width – 800
    Depth – 890
    Height – 800
    Seat Height – 430

  • Is it possible to pair comfort and functionality with an endearing appearance? STELLA is a proof that a piece of furniture being a centre of the family life can look light and charming.

    Width – 1160
    Depth – 1020
    Height – 850
    Seat Height – 440

  • A comprehensive collection with durable and elegant contemporary design. Arrange the sofas, corner sofas, armchairs, and footstools at different angles to produce incredible effects. A distinguishing feature of Quattro is its armrest that doubles as a convenient shelf. Selected models are also available as sofa beds.

  • MYNTA can be green, red, cream, brown, grey or with a colourful checked pattern. It can be upholstered with leather or fabric. It will fit in an office, a living room, a bedroom or a hotel room. The only thing that does not change is that it will always look great and be an exceptionally comfortable furniture.

  • It is a traditional sofa with very interesting armrest and cushion cover finishes. Back cushion filled with feathers and silicone in ‘lux comfort’ and silicone in ‘standard comfort’.
    Specially shaped legs gives OLLE its unique class.

    Width – 860
    Depth – 1000
    Height – 830
    Seat Height – 500

  • There is furniture which, like people, fragrances or landscapes, make you feel of your home. It is also GRETA – elegant, but also durable and amazingly comfortable. There is something in the gentle curves of its backrest, in its beautiful wooden legs and in its comfort (ensured by an extra cushion) that will make you choose GRETA once you enter the room where it stands. GRETA – welcome home

    Width – 770
    Depth – 930
    Height – 1080
    Seat Height – 450

Showing 1–20 of 976 results