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  • A range of stunning low tables with intricate cut out patterns on the table top.

    Ø50 x H28 cm

    Ø50 x H36 cm

    Ø50 x H44 cm

    Shell Colours
    Matt Black, Transparent Amber, Transparent Crystal, Transparent Red

  • The Kabuki floor lamp is injection moulded. The sophisticated injection technology used makes it possible to crate a woven structure similar to lace with a unique perforated surface through which the light is diffused.

    Height: 64.4
    Diameter: 19.5

    Colours Available

    White, Sea Blue, Crystal, Black, Green

  • A collection of tables ideal both for the home and the office, characterised by a sophisticated design and elegant finishes. The light, chromed steel structure is particular as it features a crisscross element which connects the legs on each of the four sides to support a polished polyester or laminate top. The collection comes in square, oval and round versions (packed into a practical flat package) and in three elegant colours: black, white and red. Easily combined with other items, the square tables can bring work surfaces to life even in the most prominent areas of the office, such as the meeting room.

    Acciaio cromato
    Lacquered MDF in polyester or scratchproof laminate
    Height: 28.1
    Diameter: 50.7
    Unit weight: 26 kg

  • The table designed by Philippe Starck represents yet another innovative twist in the use of polycarbonate. The central base is produced using a mould of elevated technological innovation: the moulded plastic material ensures excellent performance and stability to support a glass top measuring 120 cm. The table offers various possible combinations: in fact, the base is available in 2 finishes (transparent and fumé) for teaming up with 5 tops in the colour variants of bronze, dusty pink, fumé, green or yellow. By mixing the colours, it is possible to achieve different solutions and create highly colourful tables for young, more informal interiors, or more classical versions perfectly suited to elegant, minimalist rooms. One table that lends itself to a wide range of applications.

    Height: 28.1
    Diameter: 46.8
    Unit weight: 34 kg

  • The Magic Hole Range consists of a series of a two seater sofa and this armchair. Made from rotational moulded polyethylene Magic Hole has an uncluttered, snappy silhouette and slim closed section legs. The straight linear surfaces, terminated with rounded curves, and the austerity of the lines is broken by the feature which gives Magic Hole its character : a flared “pocket”. This is available in either the same or a contrasting colour to the body of the chair.
    Comfortable, light, shock resistant and weatherproof Magic Hole is perfect for outdoor use – ideal in a garden, on a terrace or balcony, by a pool or in a public space.

    Height 73cm
    Width 68cm
    Depth 63cm
    Seat Height 44cm

    Colours available

    Black Green / Grey Green / White Green / Black Orange / Grey Orange / White Orange

  • Uncle Jack, the revolutionary single mould transparent polycarbonate sofa signed by Philippe Starck. It comes in five different colours – crystal, orange, blue, smoke and green – and is 190 cm long in a single block weighing 30 kg. Uncle Jack is the most daring example in the world of injection moulding technology. The Uncle collection designed by Philippe Starck adds the Uncle Jim armchair, which also comes in five different shades – crystal, blue, orange, green and smoke. The armchair echoes the lines and sinuosity of Uncle Jack and lends itself to broad range of furnishing needs.

    Width: 74.1
    Depth: 33.2
    Height: 38.2
    Seat height: 14.0
    Unit weight: 36.25 kg

    Colours Available: White, Crystal, Black

  • LCP is a chaise longue made from a single transparent methacrylate mould folding back upon itself to form a radically new innovative model. Only an exclusive technology has made it possible to obtain such flexibility while maintaining the formal purity of the piece. LCP is elastic, soft and sturdy despite its impalpable evanescent appearance. Available in 2 colours, transparent crystal and pale blue. This is an important and sophisticated seat for the most perceptive connoisseurs of design.

    Width: 18.9
    Depth: 31.2
    Height: 27.3
    Unit weight: 18.8 kg

    Colours Available – Crystal, Pale Sea Blue

  • Material
    Transparent pylocarbonate; Steel tube chrome plated.

    Weight 6.2 kg
    Seat height 46 cm
    Depth 70 cm
    Height 79 cm
    Width 62 cm

    Colours Available: Crystal Clear, Orange, Blue, White Shiny, Black Shiny.

  • Papyrus transparent polycarbonate Papyrus chair an admirable marriage of simplicity and refinement, grace and memory, Papyrus is a remake of the archetypal antique rush chair, from a time when chair structures were decisive and strong. This chair combines a translucent support with a slender vertical pebbling, running along the entire outside of the rounded backrest, with its soft and snug lines. The seat is comfortable and welcoming, and the entire structure is light. Papyrus’ wide range of brand-new “old-fashioned” colours make the detail of its worked surfaces even more evident and attractive.

    Width: 23.4
    Depth: 19.1
    Height: 30.8
    Seat height: 17.2
    Unit weight: 5.6 kg

    Colours Available: Crystal, Brown Fume, Orange Red, Olive Green.

  • Its elegant lines, sober colours and practical usage make Maui an extremely versatile chair, capable of satisfying the widest demands of the business and residential market. Maui chairs form a family rich in chromatic and formal variations, able to meet specific needs in communal areas, such as offices, workshops, waiting rooms, bars and restaurants, lecture and meeting halls, or in home environments, such as the dining room, the children’ bedrooms and the study. The unitised polypropylene seat/back is attached to a chromed steel structure. Thanks to its design, the Maui chair can be stacked up to seven or five high. It can also be coupled with other chairs of the same type in endless rows by means of a simple rear hook. Available versions include: supplied with and without armrests in a matching colour with the seat and as a chair with folding tablet arm in black. The family of Maui chairs is complete with the addition of the self-extinguishing version. Frequently requested for businesses, this item is finally able to satisfy the highest demands of even the most specialized contract.

    Width: 21.5
    Depth: 20.3
    Height: 30.0
    Seat height: 17.6
    Unit weight: 4.9 kg

    Colours Available: Anthracite, Pale Sea Blue, Zinc White, Marine Blue, Scarlet, Mint Green, Pale Grey, Orange.

  • Following the runaway success of Louis Ghost, we’ve created a “baby” version of the famous Starck chair. Lou Lou Ghost inherits its “paternal” classic lines, material, indestructibility and ergonomics and teaches little ones how to use a pint-sized chair with a grown-up shape. Made just for children, this chair is available in a rainbow of fun and delightful colours.

    Width: 15.6
    Depth: 14.4
    Height: 24.6
    Seat height: 12.5
    Unit weight: 1.5 kg

    Colours Available: Heavy White, Heavy Black, Sea Blue Bimbi, Yellow, Pink Bimbi, Purple Bimbi, Crystal.

  • Piuma Chair is made entirely from a compound material that ensures durability and flexibility. Available in many colours to suit your indoor or outdoor space, the chair is light and well refined.

    Material – Carbon-filled thermoplastic polymer compound
    Height 77cm
    Width 62cm
    Depth 54cm
    Seat Height 48cm

    Colours Available: Black, Mustard, Sage Green, Grey, Rust Orange, White.
    Weight : 2.2kg

  • Materials:
    Engineering polymer in transparent or colour thermoplastic mass.

    45cm Diameter
    43cm Depth

    Colours Available: White, Black, Powder, Blue, Petroleum.

  • Masters is roomy and comfortable. Supported on slender legs, the back shapes of the 3 original designs are create by solid lines and voids which flow down and join together along the perimeter.

    Material – Dyed Modified Polypropylene

    Width – 570

    Depth – 470

    Height – 840

    Seat Height – 460

    Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Use


  • A succession of unbroken curves and smooth lines create the prolific silhouette of the contemporary Masters Stool

    Moulded from Ultra-Strong Polycarbonate

    Width – 500

    Depth – 500

    Height – 990

    Seat Height – 650

    Available Colours – White, Black, Grey, Green, Orange

  • The Comback Chair is a reimagined version of the classic Windsor Chair. Available with four different bases and in a variety of colours, customise the Comback Chair to suit your interior.

    Width – 580

    Depth – 500

    Height – 1000

    Seat Height – 485

    Available Colours – White, Black, Oak/White, Yellow, Blue/Grey, Black/Oak, Hazelnut, Orange/Red.

  • The Kartell Bubble Club sofa is an outdoor & indoor, all weatherproof, comfortable, grand 2-3 people lounger settee in the classic style. For maximum comfort the Bubble Club lounger settee seat is slightly reclined towards the backrest.
    Again from a comfort point of view & when in use the seating position is not rigid & are designed to concave. Both the Kartell Bubble Club Sofa & armchair have exposed, hidden air vents on the underside.
    After a wet weather period & before sitting in the Kartell Bubble Club Sofa, it is advised to tilt them, in order to remove any excess water.

    Width: 1950 mm
    Height: 800 mm
    Depth: 770 mm
    Seat Height: 450 mm
    Arm Height: 700 mm

    Colours Available: Black, Nude Pink, Ochre, Green, White, Light Grey.

  • The Bubble Club Armchair references the classic armchair shape commonly used indoors. Available in four colours, the chair can be left outdoors all year round with no worry.

    It comes in four colours and remains one of the largest pieces of moulded plastic furniture from the company. It can be left outdoors all your round, enhancing its practical appeal.

    Material : Polyethylene
    Height 80cm
    Width 105cm
    Depth 77cm
    Seat Height 45cm

    Colours Available: Black, White, Ochre, Grey.

Showing all 18 results