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  • Axel is designed by Ian Archer. The simple shape of cushions and feet give the sofa the Scandinavian style.
    We have two types of cushions: shorter and wider, to create an individual look.

    Width – 1760
    Depth – 930
    Height – 830
    Seat Height – 430

  • The Betty Boop Sofa is a characterised by comfort and aesthetics alike. Soft contours, rounded edges and generous cushions determine the design of the sofa and invite you to linger. High armrests, which go directly into the backrest in a curved shape, create a sense of cosiness and close the user in gently.
    Filigree Sofa Thanks to Metal base
    Thanks to the high, four-legged base made of angular metal, the sofa gets an airy, almost floating appearance, which lends every ambience a certain lightness. It also gives the sofa an industrial touch, creating a tense contrast to the otherwise soft silhouette of the upholstery.
    Matching the sofa, separate decorative pillows are available in matching colours

    Decorative cushions not included in the delivery
    Cover: 80% cotton, 12% polyacrylic, 8% other fibres
    Polyurethane foam
    Colour – Sand

    Height: 72 cm, Depth: 88 cm, Length: 170 cm
    Seat height
    46 cm
    Foldable – No
    For outdoor use – No
    Height adjustable – No

  • Families spend a lot of time together on the sofa, and the consequences are sometimes visible on its upholstery. In Bianca models, the upholstery is replaceable, which means it can be easily removed and refreshed with new fabric. Bianca is available in two versions: with loose upholstery giving it a casual appearance or with Velcro-fastened upholstery emphasising the shape. You can choose small or large cushions, or mix them as you please.

  • Praising a balance of style. Its straight lines of the backrest, armrests and cushions create an excellent combination of features whose value is increased by the comfort of use and the durability of this piece of furniture. The BOSTON family includes sofas, armchairs, corner sofas and footstools. BOSTON – the power of peace.

    Width – 1550
    Depth – 1000
    Height – 860
    Seat Height – 460

  • Width – 2080
    Depth – 850
    Height – 780
    Seat Height – 410

  • Fine – fine in many ways
    This family of furniture offers so many options for arrangements that each FINE can be exceptional.
    CUSTOMISE: you can select a type of armrest, legs, and upholstery, and whether it is to be smooth or quilted. Select fabric or leather from our collection, so the furniture perfectly matches your interior.
    NOTE: a wooden light-coloured armrest combined with a neutral or pastel fabric will result in a piece of furniture of warm Scandinavian appearance. However, when the armrest is upholstered and combined with metal legs and leather upholstery, the result is a surprisingly classic Fine fitting for a study.
    THIS FAMILY CONSISTS OF: an armchair, a sofa, components to create own set, 2 ready sets, and footstools in two sizes. To learn the details, check dimensions or download a product data sheet.

  • Various sizes available

  • After a whole day’s work, come back home to relax on your GRAND PRIX – your great reward! It’s up to you what the sofa will look like – you can choose from a range of three types of armrests. It’s good to have a piece of furniture to sit on and relax and to feel a sense of satisfaction after a day of challenges. GRAND PRIX – because you deserve comfort.

    Width – 1620
    Depth – 930
    Height – 790
    Seat Height – 440

  • Various sizes available

  • Simple cushion structure. The high resilient foam guarantees comfort and the smooth look of the seat and rear surface. A choice of comfort lux or standard cushions with stitching provides an individual and sensual touch.
    Hugo – the essence of contemporary design.

  • INGRID has been developed with attention to details. From the first glance you are able to see its beauty. The quilted cushions gives it a fantastic look and makes it more comfortable.

    Width – 2180
    Depth – 920
    Height – 780
    Seat Height – 450

  • Various sizes available

Showing 1–20 of 74 results